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As a mother and wife, I know that finding a product that is both affordable and of great quality is difficult.

Our products are sourced carefully according to popularity and positive feedback.

At Beauty and the Best we test all our products to ensure they are effective and of excellent quality.

We strive to always offer the best product at the best price possible.


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Designer Water
Alkaline Ionized Water pH10
FEG Eyelash Enhancer

ABOUT FEG EYELASH SERUM 100% Original FEG Eyelash Growth Treatment

This product works by activating the dormant hair follicle germ tissue, then promoting rapid growth of your eyelashes. Your eyelashes will get longer, thicker and fuller within 20 days of using the product, but results can often be seen as soon as 7 days after starting the treatment.



Developed by scientists who were studying the use of eye drops amongst their patients, they happened to notice that the patients were developing longer, fuller eyelashes.

Unlike other eyelash growth products, FEG Eyelash Serum activates the growth of the hair follicle and tissue by using nutrient packed ingredients that are known to strengthen eye lashes. FEG Eyelash Enhancer promises thicker, longer, and stronger lashes after only 20 days of regular usage.
FEG eyelash enhancer uses a groundbreaking technology that provides the eyelashes with the properties needed for healthy growth. The eyelash enhancer also strengthens the lashes and prevents the risk of shedding or unusual breakage.
In addition to being a healthy, safe, and gentle formula, our FEG Eyelash Serum is more cost effective than  most other growth serums on the market. It is priced much lower than other products of a similar nature,  and it provides long lasting results, with users usually being able to see visible changes within the first few weeks from the initial application.
The reason we are able to make our eye lash serum so affordable is because we are purchasing the product directly from the original manufacturer and making it available directly to you in South Africa without middle man and agent commissions.
Providing a countless number of benefits, FEG Eyelash Enhancer allows the eyelashes to grow healthfully, without the use of harmful chemicals and expensive treatments.
  1. Affordable, no fragrance, non-chemical, non-toxic, non-irritating, non-animal testing, 100% natural ( safe and healthy).
  2. An intensive overnight lash conditioning treatment
  3. Potent blend of nourishing peptides, vitamins & botanicals
  4. Lavishly replenishes & hydrates each strand of lashes
  5. Naturally strengthens your lashes from external factors
  6. Makes even stubby, fragile, barely-visible lashes longer & fuller in 6 weeks
  7. Can be worn on both your eyelashes & eyebrows


Apply this product as you would apply your eyeliner; draw a line with the serum applicator at base of your eyelashes. If you want to get good results, you need to use this product consistently every day so that you can get effective results. A lot of our customers claim to notice changes in the length and thickness of their lashes within a few weeks of regular application.

Add this product as a part of your daily beauty regimen.

This is not temporary solution like the eyelash extensions; instead, the product goes to work to help you grow fuller, more lustrous and beautiful eyelashes.

Smart Mittens


Smart Mittens are microfiber face cleansing mitten that completely clean your skin using water only!

The ladies SMITTEN removes even waterproof make-up including mascara, using only water – no makeup remover, make-up remover wipes (that can be full of preservatives), no toner, no cleanser (can be used in conjunction with your salon-approved cleanser), no cotton pads nor exfoliator needed. We are reducing the amount of chemicals to completely remove your make-up, clean, and gently exfoliate your skin. The exfoliation helps the skin rejuvenate itself, and everything you put on after will be better absorbed because the dirt and dead skin cells would have been removed. Also brilliant for removing masks and peels.
It works because the tiny fibres rub together and against the skin loosening everything they come into contact with- dead kin, dirt, make-up and because the fabric is so absorbent, it puts the loosened grime into the cloth and away from your skin.
The babies SMITTY is used for teething/feeding, nappy changes and bathing – reducing soaps and chemicals to clean baby – only warm water is needed.
The mens SMITT has a slightly more rough texture making it ideal to remove ingrown hairs, and substitutes cleanser and exfoliators making it easier and convenient for men to keep their skin clean.


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